By Claudia Tergis

When people are searching for their new home they look for the right location, custom features and ease of living. 

A home should marry comfort with beauty and practicality.

Where home staging and home design differ is in the approach the designers take in preparing the house for the occupant.   

Home staging is about creating inspirational properties - providing people with an environment in which they desire to live and incorporating their needs into a staging or redesign concept. 

Home staging is all about what the potential homeowners are looking for in their future home.  

Design on the other hand is all about the actual homeowners.

At a design consultation, the designer tries to gather as much information about the likes and dislikes of the owner as possible. Together they look through magazines and photos to get a sense of what kind of furniture styles they like.

The designer and client pour over fabric swatches, custom finishes, and color samples. They tour furniture, lighting, decor, rugs and other specialty design showrooms, thus creating a space that uniquely reflects the homeowner’s unique taste.

A custom home staging solution does not necessarily reflect a homeowner’s taste.

Often custom design features are removed or down played by a professional home stager.  When a property hits the market it no longer is a home but a product and the goal is to make it as appealing to the critical eye of your audience – potential buyers!

On the other hand, a good design will surround the homeowner with everything that makes them feel happy and comfortable. 

The importance of home staging in the sale of a property cannot be understated. Not only does staging your home set your property apart from the competition, but homes which are staged typically get as much as 5% more in relation to their asking price than competitor properties which are not staged.

For more information on the value home staging can add to your home sale, read the National Association of Realtor’s report here

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According to studies, the living room is the most important room to stage in a house. 

According to studies, the living room is the most important room to stage in a house.