By Claudia Tergis

No matter if it is a buyer’s or a seller’s market when listing your home, you have to put your best foot forward.

No longer is the sale of your property left to chance and price but to the marketing, the packaging and your Realtor‘s out-of-the-box thinking.

Conventional methods of selling a property no longer have the same draw as in the past. Buyers want to be drawn in, charmed, and they are looking for a complete “lifestyle package”.

A house has to be dressed for success!

Buyers today ask themselves, “Can I see myself living in this property? Is it spacious enough? Does it offer everything I need: a home office, a space to entertain, a retreat for relaxation, a space for the family to come together, and an attractive community with an engaging social life?”

Chic Apartment.jpg

From the moment your property hits the Internet it starts getting scrutinized and evaluated.

Chilton & Chadwick’s team of experts has intensively and systematically studied the culture and lifestyles of our communities and understand your potential buyers’ lifestyle needs. With our concierge services ranging from real estate, art acquisition, in-home art shows, property styling, professional marketing and our global reach we can cast a wide web to entice the most critical buyers to fall in love with your house.

Do not leave money on the table; let your real estate specialists advise you on the best steps to make your property capture your buyer’s eye!