By Tina Curcio

Flowers do not last forever and cards will eventually end up on a shelf somewhere until Spring-cleaning time. What better Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other than a beautiful piece of art that they can admire and take with them forever! Chilton & Chadwick is happy to present an Erotic Series consisting of some more risqué pieces as well as some more elegant Valentine’s Day themed pieces.

All artwork is available for purchase.

For inquiries, please e-mail 

Shooting Stars by Kim Romero.png

Kim Romero // Shooting Stars



This painting, done in seemingly scattered, yet very strategic brush strokes is a combination of warm pinks, reds and oranges creating a calming yet captivating statement piece.

Orgasmic Pink by Andre Lanoux.png

Orgasmic Pink // Andrè Lanoux



This super fun and funky piece features a glamorous pink shoe with lipsticks to match amongst smudgy and sketched lines adding a fun texture to the painting.

Tantric Union-Suzanne Benton.jpg

Tantric Union // Suzanne Benton

13 3/8”x9 ½”


This monoprint is a great combination of warm and cool colors which combine for a passionate embrace, just like the central figure.

The Dark King-Marjorie.jpg

The Dark King // Marjorie Guyon



This elegant piece, which displays the naked back-side of a male sculpture, is done using warm colors and overlays of symbols and phrases in different languages. The king’s authority is simultaneously embraced as well as undermined by his nakedness.


Iris // Marjorie Guyon



This fresco painting is a vibrant piece which displays a sculpture of the nude female body behind a combination of bright, eye-catching colors. The heat of her nakedness is contrasted by the cool vibrancy surrounding her.


Pinks // Marjorie Guyon



Perhaps this piece more than any encapsulates the erotic the best, and the simplest. Using color and abstract shape, Marjorie Guyon has produced something special.