By Claudia Tergis

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic focused on beauty in simple and imperfect things.

Not everything has to be new and shiny and imperfections are embraced. 

How does this aesthetic theory relate to home staging?

Simple: most of us do not live in perfect homes. Many of us are not surrounded by the newest design and decor trends. 

Our kitchens and bathrooms might be a little dated, and we may not have the perfect layout. These are all obstacles that can be overcome.


This is where home staging comes into play. Home staging is styling a property to the potential buyer’s taste.  

With the help of your real estate agent and a system created at Chilton & Chadwick called Micro Targeting Analysis, we can scientifically determine by age, profession, income, etc, who your most likely buyer will be. Armed with this analysis of your neighborhood, I can create a custom design that will enhance your homes desirable features and marketability. 

For example, perhaps you have a small living room, but gorgeous floor to ceiling windows which let you enjoy the outdoors year round; our design concept would be about incorporating the outdoors with the inside room by using complimentary furnishings and decor items. This would visually enlarge the living room.

Alternately, maybe your property has an amazing all natural stone fireplace, but the furniture placement doesn’t allow your potential buyer to really take it in as they are distracted by too many pieces of furniture, family photos, and collectables in the room.

We can rearrange and remove the excess furniture and collectables to let the room breath and your fireplace shine. 

Other changes might involve using paint to revitalize the rooms; a small room painted in a new, lighter and neutral color will suddenly feel bigger and more inviting. Moreover, using new paint and hardware can give an older kitchen a fresh, updated look, giving it a new lease on life.  

There are many ways to improve an older home without breaking the bank, but it does take an excellent team of professionals to get it ready for the market, supporting you with their selling and marketing skills. 

Claudia Tergis is a full-time, master home stager whose work throughout Fairfield County is recognized as being at the top of her field. For help staging your home, please e-mail Claudia at