Chilton & Chadwick - a boutique real estate team in Greenwich, CT- is excited to announce they have added a new division to their company: The Sports, Entertainment and Fashion Division, focused on fulfilling the real estate needs of people in those industries.

When all of the world's eyes are on you, the last thing you need are more people knowing about the things most important to you: your family and home. Our team takes the confidentiality of your transaction extremely serious, so much so in fact that members of our SEF division have had to go through extensive training in confidentiality, discretion and privacy and had to sign additional non-disclosure agreements to work in this division.

The privacy of you, your family and your transaction are of paramount importance to us.

"We are committed to keeping your real estate transaction stress to a minimum through experience and a pro-active approach to managing stress points while offering concierge solutions. Not only can our partners handle your actual move, but we have a network that can give you expert advice on your children's schooling, design your home and so much more," says CEO and Founder of Chilton & Chadwick, Chadwick Ciocci.

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