We are excited to introduce the debut of The Transfiguration Series - a truly unique, on-going body of work by artist Joseph Malfettone. Designed to open the senses to qualities beyond everyday life - the series spans across time, blending references throughout art history with modern day technology, like NASA multi-wavelength imagery or the use of three-dimensional scanning technology to aid in the process. The series consists of both sculptures and large-format paintings. They are available now for the first time by order. Three artist proof sculptures and two artist proof paintings are also available for purchase.

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"A truly unique and timely growing collection in a great position to be acquired


Chadwick Ciocci, CEO & Founder

Chilton & Chadwick

The collection is made of cast stone or terracotta from the artist's original sculptures and feature figures specifically chosen from art history, from both East and West, as a way to span across time and space. They are finished in exuberant spectrum hues or opposing absorbent and reflective blacks and gold - offering insights into embodying awareness of more in life.

The collection is cast by Ranieri Sculpture Casting, a veteran in blue chip fine art casting, and then finished by the artist's hand and painted in enamel. Each work is signed and part of a limited collection not to exceed 10 editions. Sizes range from 11 to 17 inches in height dependent on the piece chosen.

The paintings expand on the series by offering realizations toward the mechanics of time and space. At five feet tall and eight feet wide, they invite the viewer into a landscape for experiencing a reinvention of what time may actually mean.