Apes Hill

Villas designed to take full advantage of an idyllic location in the Caribbean

Apes Hill

Villas designed to take full advantage of an idyllic location in the Caribbean

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The Sundown Villa designs exude a timeless modernity and a delightful expression of casual luxury. They have been designed to take full advantage of an idyllic location featuring prime access to the resort’s amenities.

Southwest views of the Caribbean Sea and shimmering topaz sunsets over the 18th Fairway, embrace the essence of al fresco living which is a way of life at Apes Hill. The breathtaking views at Sundown Villas features an open plan interior with a wide panoramic view that begins at the entrance, continues through to the kitchen onto the sheltered patio, seating areas and pool deck.

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Alluringly nestled next to one of the most remarkable points of elevation in the entire Caribbean, Apes Hill embraces the island’s fascinating Scotland District – a unique geographic area situated atop an underwater mountain range that runs from Trinidad to Puerto Rico. Known as the Barbados Ridge Accretionary Prism, and one of the few sub-marine mountain ranges to rise above sea level, here is a place to both revel in nature and play great golf.


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