Chateau Rochamore

Chateau Rochamore is a unique and stately castle with charm to spare

Chateau Rochamore

Chateau Rochamore is a unique and stately castle with charm to spare

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About the property

It was built in 1906 by renowned architect Gustav Steinbeck. Steinbeck built this home for himself and is famous for having designed incredible cathedrals such as Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn, NY. The castle blends together medieval, Tudor, Germanic and fairytale architecture, such as broad twisting staircases and turrets to let your hair down, with all of the expected modern conveniences following an extensive renovation by the current owner.

The property is 3.25 gated acres with a koi pond, pergola and extensive and impressive stonework. And the home is certain to impress.

Amenities, Lifestyle & Dedicated Service

The centerpiece of this exquisite architectural fete is certainly the Great Room. Its 30-foot high vaulted ceilings might feel cold or distant if it weren’t for the fireplace and hearth worthy of a king to ground and warm the room.

The castle has 5 bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half bathrooms and over 5,000 square feet of living space set on 3.25 acres. The land can be subdivided into two additional lots if desired. The home has further rooms and amenities including a breakfast room, tower, stone wrap-around terrace, twisting staircases, secret passages and more surprises awaiting your visit.

Sleeping beauties, charming princes and even wicked step-mothers are warmly invited to write their next fairytale at this castle in Connecticut.


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